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Style an image with CSS

Posted on by Clive Walker in CSS

Want to get that ‘real photo’ effect on your images? You know, the one that looks like a holiday snap with its white border.

Well, you can create each image in Fireworks/Photoshop and add these to your website – but you can also do it with CSS by creating a style that gives you the snapshot look. This may save time when when you want to change the effect – perhaps increase the border width or change the border colour? That’s easy to do with a style sheet but if you have many images would be time-consuming with Fireworks/Photoshop.

Firstly code image like this:

<img src="yourimage.jpg" width="250" height="188" class="photo" />

Here, I have used ‘photo’ but you can use whatever you want. The image dimensions should be specific to your image, of course. [Don’t forget to add an “alt” tag as well]

Set up the style in your stylesheet like this.

.photo { border: 1px solid #CCC;

    background-color: #FFF;

    padding: 5px;

    float: left;


In this case we use a padding of 5px and a white background to get the white ‘photo paper’ effect. A 1px grey ‘outer’ border is added as well. We think it works best by floating the

left. There’s no need to give the

That’s it! Here’s the final effect:


You can also give the .photo class values for its top/left/bottom/right margins if you want to adjust the image position. In fact, that what we have done here.

Another option is to use different colour values for the top/left borders which can give a slightly 3D effect.

» View actual image used.

Try different things to get the effect you want!

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