Starting a News and Articles section

Posted in on 7 February 2013 | Comments

I’ve been gradually refining the CVW Web Design site over the last few months and one of the decisions I’ve made was to start a News section. There were several reasons for doing this.

  • I wanted to write articles about business, the sites/projects I’ve been working on, and about client websites, and these articles did not seem to fit comfortably in this blog.
  • The CVW Web Design site needs to have a regular stream of new content so that search engines and site visitors can see that it is updated regularly.
  • I wanted to use Perch on the site so a News section was one way of kick-starting that.

I pondered whether to call the new section “Blog” or “News” but in the end I’ve gone with the latter to avoid confusion with this blog. Admittedly, “News” is not entirely accurate so I’m not completely happy but it’s OK for the moment.

So far, it’s been going quite well and I’ve been able to write a couple of articles a month. For example:

I’m having to think more about articles to write so that’s definitely a challenge but I’m hoping to research these a bit better now that I have a place to publish them – so I hope the whole thing will be a virtuous circle. We’ll see!

Review of New Adventures in Web Design 2013

Posted in on 29 January 2013 | Comments

Last week, I attended the New Adventures in Web Design conference in Nottingham. This was the third and (probably) last New Adventures and the event lived up to my expectations. It was a day full of insightful and entertaining presentations. Here’s my short review of the best bits for me.

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Creating a Perch dashboard widget for Google Analytics

Posted in on 14 January 2013 | Comments [2]

Before Christmas, I added a news section to the CVW Web Design site because I wanted to write some articles there. As a result, I was also keen to get a quick snapshot of Google Analytics (GA) data every time an article was published. Perhaps I would get more visitors and page views for some articles and not others? With this information, I can tailor what I write. Of course, all this date is available via the GA system but I wanted a simple way of viewing a small subset of GA data in my website content management system (CMS).

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Reviewing 2012 and learning new stuff

Posted in on 9 December 2012 | Comments

About a year ago, I wrote about Learning New Things for 2012 and joining the 12412 project – which was intended to be a starting point for me to learn new things during the year that’s now coming to an end. So, how has that worked out? Well, not that great actually although I have started some new ‘learning subjects’ and increased my usage of some things that weren’t completely new (cheat!). Here’s my summary of the year in that respect.

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Trying out Audioboo and VoiceBo

Posted in on 12 November 2012 | Comments [1]

I’ve joined Audioboo and VoiceBo which are apps/websites that allow you to make short audiologs/recordings via your desktop or mobile phone. Part of the reason for joining was to try something new but also I wanted to take part in #audiomo for November.

Here I am on Audioboo and on VoiceBo. I’ve found pros and cons for each app, and I may write a post on this, but so far I’ve used Audioboo most. Not because I think it’s better but mainly because I started with it before VoiceBo.

It’s been quite a challenge and also an enjoyable experience to record something every day. Here’s one of my previous ‘boos’ where I talk about Horsham Coworking as well as Windows 8.

I wouldn’t say that I have a recording career in me (!) but I’m intending to complete the #audiomo challenge for November and will probably continue with Audioboo/VoiceBo after that as well.